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50 Reasons Why WSCC Has Been Around for 50 Years

By Jolie Brawner, Co-Executive Director

While other community centers in Denver have closed, Washington Street Community Center (WSCC) remains open and an integral part of the ever-evolving Denver community.

Here are 50 Reasons why WSCC has been around for 50 years.

  1. WSCC is the longest-standing community center in Denver
  2. 25,000 individuals roam WSCC’s halls each year
  3. Over 1,000 meals are served by WSCC to senior citizens annually
  4. WSCC was voted “Best Cheap Lunch” by Westword in 1989
  5. Apple Pie Cake is the most popular dessert at WSCC’s weekly Senior lunch
  6. WSCC was a United Way agency for the community over 40 years
  7. Volunteers give over 2,500 hours annually to WSCC
  8. WSCC’s longest-standing volunteer: Carol Williams
  9. Over 250 annual appointments book at WSCC for the VNA clinics
  10. Since 1997, WSCC has invested nearly 7.5 million dollars in the community
  11. WSCC’s 2008 Good Neighbor Award: Gertie Grant
  12. Nearly 750 dinners are served annually for WSCC’s “Community Dinner”
  13. WSCC’s longest-tenured staff member: Jane Craft
  14. Every year WSCC’s hosts at least one bat in its historic bell tower
  15. WSCC’s building came from the Ohio Avenue Congregational Church in 1907
  16. From 2014 to 2015, WSCC’s preschool enrollment doubled
  17. WSCC provides a four-diamond Colorado Shines preschool program
  18. 10 tons of pea gravel cover WSCC’s preschool playground
  19. WSCC’s preschool playground renovation occurred in 1998
  20. Rocky Mountain Horn Ensemble is the longest-standing WSCC facility renter
  21. WSCC became an incorporated non-profit community center in 1967
  22. Rainbeaus, one of the oldest LGBTQ groups, square dances at WSCC
  23. WSCC’s Aphasia Support Group has been active for 30 years
  24. Since 1969, WSCC hosts an annual Craft Fair
  25. WSCC hosted the Senior Olympiad at Berkley Park from mid-70’s to mid-90’s
  26. Holon Wellness Tae Kwon Do’s 2016 ITF World Cup team trains at WSCC
  27. WSCC’s donations increased by 60% in 2015
  28. Two BNI groups meet at WSCC, including the largest one in the nation
  29. WSCC’s kitchen remodeled thanks to a Neighborhood Bond Issue Project Grant
  30. 1,800 pounds of Palisade peaches sold at WSCC’s first Peach and Jam Sale
  31. WSCC annually serves 1,600 Swedish meatballs to Seniors and preschoolers
  32. Active Minds serves nearly 500 participants yearly at WSCC’s lecture series
  33. WSCC’s 1996 building updates support the Americans with Disabilities Act
  34. Since 1976, WSCC hosts the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)
  35. WSCC was established from the Ohio Avenue Congregational Church in 1967
  36. Mayor Michael B. Hancock painted WSCC’s closets during Denver Days
  37. WSCC’s 2002 Neighbor of the Year: Former State Senator Doug Linkhart
  38. 9Health Fair was hosted at WSCC from 2004 – 2007
  39. The West Washington Park Neighborhood Association calls WSCC “home”
  40. WSCC’s Elizabeth Pandolfo Memorial Garden established in 2013
  41. Since 2017, WSCC sells out every “Community Dinner”
  42. WSCC held its first Homebrew Competition in 2015
  43. WSCC became a Certifiably Green Denver Business in 2015
  44. 1,352 Show N’ Tell Treasures from WSCC’s preschoolers showcased in 2016
  45. WSCC logged 250 hours of dancing by community members in 2016
  46. Leedom Hall’s springy wood floors are perfect for all activities
  47. WSCC hosted 156 hours of Zumba in 2016
  48. Over 500 hand knit hats by WSCC’s Seniors were donated to local charities
  49. WSCC is the neighborhood hub for families, senior citizens, children and adults
  50. Success for WSCC comes from the support and involvement of the community

Come help us celebrate these past 50 years at the Wellshire Events Center on April 27th at 5:30pm. Buy your tickets here: wscc-denver.org/fifty.html.

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