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What Parents have to say about WSCC:

“My son has simply blossomed from his experience at the Washington Street Community Center Preschool! The loving teachers, the wonderful activities he is exposed to as well as the great sense of community that is offered there is why this place is such a gem. When my son graduates, his sibling is sure to follow, we can’t possibly let this place go!”

“I can’t say enough about Washington Street Community Center. Both my children have attended this preschool, and it has been academically challenging but more importantly this is a nurturing school. They focus on my chcarrotsild’s individual needs and adapt the curriculum and play activities to meet my child’s needs. They also comfort each child and make them feel safe and secure, which is not skill I have found at many other preschools. I have a sensitive child and they took the time with her to make her feel comfortable, and since attending Washington Street she has blossomed.”

“We LOVE Washington Street!!”

“The staff and administrators of the program at WSCC are wonderful. I find them approachable, open, loving, considerate and inclusive. My daughter has so much fun and learns so much every week there. My younger son also attended the program – which is why I make an extra-large commute to bring my daughter even though it is no longer convenient. I love this program.”

“The early childhood education program at the Washington Street Community Center is, in my opinion, exceptional! I highly recommend it to all parents. My daughter loves attending and has begun developing skills to prepare her for kindergarten. She looks forward to attending again next year. The school develops a high level of academic, social/emotional, community and individual awareness.”

“The school has been tremendous. My wife and I feel very connected to EVERYONE at the community center. I speak to my son’s teachers daily- very accessible. A gem of a program.”

“The teachers at WSCC are caring, creative and dependable. I could not ask for a more loving and stress free environment. My child has enjoyed rapid growth in language and behavior. Other children in the program are leaders and great friends. My child benefits from interaction with other community members and I am confident that my child will be safe, have fun, play, learn and participate at WSCC.”

“This is my second child to attend WSCC. It is like family there. We love it.”


“My daughter has special dietary needs and they do a wonderful job of accommodating her. I have looked around at other programs and nowhere have I found a program that offers the children drama, music, and Spanish lessons. In addition to the emphasis on play and art, I know this is a special place that is exposing my daughter to all kinds of experiences including bake sales!”

“The staff is always willing to give me progress reports. This information doesn’t have to be in a parent teacher conference (although they have these several times a year), it is on a daily basis. I also get to see what is going on through the Preschool’s private website. They are posting pictures weekly of activities the children participate in, so I really get to feel like I am not missing out on anything, and have great conversations with my child about school.”

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